Friday, July 3, 2015

Mystery @ Brantley No. 3 Shaft (Rare Find Mountain Park)

This year's release coming up is Mystery @ Brantley No. 3 Shaft (Rare Find Mountain Park), and explorer's tales.  There are several ways to solve this mystery interactively.  You can read it while making your way through the park (Pack Horse, Boat or Flying Machine).  You can play inworld interactive games, and you can take part in the continuing explorer story that is told in real time.  Opening day for starting the write is July 4, 2015.  It is expected that the writing period will last approximately 90 days.  At that point the many journeys will be merged and the book published in time for the winter holidays. 

Come read and write with us
Midtown Ladies Guild
Mount Bethel Publishing Company (Immersive Cozy Mysteries)