Saturday, August 2, 2014

Storytelling & Storybuilds in Development

Cozy Mystery Shorts
Mysteries of the sort Agatha Christie told are a staple read for most lovers of the genre.  Mysteries at Mount Bethel Mystery Bookstores plans to publish that sort of mystery over the next few months.   Since time is an issue for many readers, the house is publishing the short story version of "Who Done It?" commonly known as the cozy mystery.  All the gory details of the murder are slid to the corner of the stage.  An investigation into the personality and ticks of characters is the main objective of the writer.   At this time the first mystery is being written.  Expected date of publish March, 2015. 

Virtual Mystery Storybuilds
Another sort of mystery, the storybuild mystery will also be published by Mount Bethel Mystery Bookstore.  This latter version is an immersion version.   The reader/explorer virtually accesses the crime scene to solve the murder in a lateral manner.   There are clues, biographical sketches for the characters, backstory and 3D illustrations (game visuals) that move the story along like a plot does in the traditional version of the genre.  Oakes Valley, a 3D storybuild world will serve as the setting for these mysteries.

The first storybuild in this series is "Wear Your Goggles to the Goldrush," is based on a current news story, but it takes place in the fictional 3D world of Oakes Valley, a pastoral build of vineyards and manor houses where visitors ride horses, a bike or walk about the countryside to get away from their worries, until they step over yellow crime scene tape that circles a corpse.  "Goggles" is a humorous and self deprecating look at what the mention of money will do to a group of always been unpaid volunteers   This mystery story will debut 9.1.2015.  It will open for 3 months, long enough for investigators to solve the crime when they need to visit more than once.